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Top 5 ways to plan your perfect engagement

Yay, you are now engaged and officially a FIANCEE! I hope you are enjoying the engagement bubble, its such a happy moment to be in and a great time to meet with all your loved ones to celebrate the BIG News.

As you enjoy the celebrations, why not plan the Perfect Engagement Party for your family and friends to mark the big occasion. Planning your engagement party will be the first party in your wedding planning journey. So, let’s get into how you can plan the perfect luxury engagement party with these top 5 ways on our first blog instalment.

Decide on a theme:

Choosing a theme for your party is very important as it can be linked to your wedding theme, so you give your guests a glimpse of what to expect for your wedding. Your theme can be based on a few variants, such as colours, seasons, movies, etc there is no limit to your theme choices. Once you have decided on a theme, then you can move forward to the next step.

Choosing a date:

Setting a date for your party should be relatively easy, if your engagement falls within the festive season, most venues will have the availability for engagement party. Gone are the days of having a party on a weekend, weekday parties are now popular and offer a good turnout as well as an excuse for after work drinks.

Find the perfect venue:

Now that we the date and theme set, its time to go venue sourcing for the perfect venue. The style of venue will set the precedence along with the theme for your engagement party. When sourcing your venue look out for three things; location, flexibility and space requirements for your event. Asking these questions to the venue will ensure that you have the basics covered for your engagement party.

Lillibrooke Manor Photography by Berni Palumbo

Guest list and Invites:

Once you have the first four tasks at hand, its time to start creating that guest list and send the invites. Your guest list does not have to be extensive as your wedding guest list, this can be narrowed down to your closest family and friends that have shared your relationship journey with you. Narrowing it down in this way will help in managing your time as you plan the party. Sending e-invites is a quick way to guarantee quick responses from your guests and websites such as paperless post offer various designs for e-invites. Paperless Post, allows you to design an invite, send it also receive RSVP’s from your guests.

Sourcing Suppliers:

The invites have been sent out and you are well in your way into receiving the RSVP’s from your guests. Time to start sourcing other suppliers, such as cake, photographer, DJ and décor and catering if the venue is not providing.

These top 5 ways to plan your perfect engagement party will make it easier for you to transition from girlfriend to Fiancée and give you a practice run into your wedding planning journey. Next week we will look at Part 2 on planning your perfect engagement.

If planning your engagement party overwhelms you, don’t be shy to ask for help. At NLE one of the services we offer Engagement Party Planning and would be happy to help plan this special occasion. Email hello@nonieleonardevents.com or complete the contact us form.