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Plan your wedding in 6 months

Updated: Jan 13

Congratulations on your engagement! You have decided that you would like to plan your luxury wedding in 6 months and you are worried if this is possible at all. Fear not, for this is very possible to have your perfect wedding in that time if you stick to the plan below. Here are six steps to the aisle in 6 months:

1: Finalise your budget

Having a budget is the first thing to consider as it will give you the direction of your wedding. Try and breakdown your budget for the big costs in categories such as venue, wedding dress, catering, cake, photographer etc. Once you have broken down your costs, you can then allocate the extra costs into other categories such as your honeymoon.

2: Venue Search and Date

Your wedding date will be mainly based on the venue availability of your choice. If you have a venue in mind, get in touch with them as soon as possible to check their availability. Its great to be open minded when it comes to the venue and date as this may mean a weekday wedding instead of a weekend wedding. Weekday weddings have become popular with most couples. Some venues also have last minute offers so you might be in luck planning your wedding in 6 months.

3: Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress should be the next thing on your to do list. Most bridal shops often hold sales from the previous season and will have the dress you want. Do not limit yourself to one wedding dress boutique, visit at least three boutiques until you find your dress.

4: Book your suppliers

Time to book all your other suppliers such as catering, cake designer, photographers, hair and makeup, floral designer etc. Select a few from each category and arrange appointments based on your wedding date availability. Have an idea of the options as well as a cost for each in mind to help you finalise on a supplier.

5: Be Organised and Decisive

Planning your luxury wedding in 6 months will require you to be very organised and decisive at every step. Create a seperate email inbox especially for the wedding, so all wedmin tasks will be in one place and your fiance will also have access to it. If a decision is required, be quick but thorough on the options available and make a decision as time is of the essence.

6: Ask for some help

Juggling work, social time and planning your wedding at the same time may take its toll on you. It's ok to ask for some help when it comes to planning your wedding. Help may come in the form of a friend or hiring a wedding planner which is very handy as they will have the knowledge and the contacts to plan your wedding in 6 months. Asking for help also means you get more time to do the fun tasks such as wedding dress shopping without the worry of time.

If you cannot wait until you are officially married and would like to get married in 6 months with the help of a wedding planner. Contact me via email for a no obligation consultation and I would be more than happy to help you plan your wedding.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash