Plan your luxury wedding in 250 hours

Updated: Jan 29

Planning your luxury wedding may seem like an easy t it takes 250 - 300 hours to bring your wedding vision to reality. With so many hours to give up, most busy couples leave the wedding planning to the evening or weekends. This normally works for most couples, however if you have a busy schedule, this might not fully work as you try to juggle work, social life and wedding planning in your week.

Image from Unsplash- Emma Matthews Digital Content Production

When you start planning your wedding, doing some prep work will definitely help with the overwhelm and managing your time wisely. I have previously written a blog post on how to plan your wedding in 6 months, and in this blog post I am going to tell you how to schedule your wedding planning in 12 months and which tasks do tick off first.

12- 9 months

The first three months are all about the basics which will be the stepping stones to your big day. During the first three months you should:

  • Set the date

  • Set the wedding budget

  • Source venue of choice

  • Set the number of guests

The four tasks may seem little, but believe me they require a lot of attention as they determine your style and type of wedding. At this point your wedding budget does not have to be defined and broken down to the last penny, working with round figures here will help you get an estimated figure down. When it comes to sourcing the perfect luxury wedding venue, you should visit at least three venues that are of similar style, to help you narrow it down to your perfect wedding venue. Setting the number of guests will require a lot more time than 3 months, however if at first you count only the close family and friends that will help you get started and this can be revisited again soon.

9- 6 months

These next three months are all about suppliers, that will help bring your vision to life. Your suppliers are the key to making your day perfect with their specialities and wedding services. Some of the key suppliers that need to be booked in advance as they tend to get fully booked are:

  • Cake Designers

  • Wedding Dress

  • Caterer

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Floral Designer

When sourcing these wedding suppliers, you should have at least two options to choose from to help you narrow it down to your preferred supplier. Also asking for reviews on their previous work as well as checking on social media will help you make the final decision. For more on how to find the perfect dress, check out this blog post. Sourcing for a cake designer and caterer will require you to have an idea of the menu and cake flavours you want for the wedding. When arranging the appointments with the suppliers, always ask for their wedding menu options and cake flavours they offer.

6 - 3 months

These next three months are for confirming all the outstanding items on your to do list. Some of the key items to finalise in these three months are:

  • DJ or band

  • Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen suits

  • Accommodation

  • Honeymoon

  • Wedding Rings

Finalising these items can be delegated to your bridal team to assist you such as their wedding outfits, planning your hen party and stag do’s.

Less than 3 months

You have now reached the final three months of your country house luxury wedding planning journey and it’s now time to finalise all your items and also try and get some time to rest before your big day. Some of the items to tick off your list are:

  • Attending your hen party and stag do

  • Final meetings with all suppliers

  • Confirming an On the day coordinator for your wedding

  • Finalising the timeline with suppliers

At this point after the countless sleepless nights, planning their perfect wedding most couples not working with a Full Wedding Planner will engage with an On The Day Coordinator to help manage their day, as they get to live in their day.

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