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Plan the Perfect Proposal

Image by Bridget Flohe - Unsplash

We are getting into the Proposal Season in the wedding industry. This is an exciting season as Future Brides or Grooms start to plan on how to pull of the perfect proposal. As a wedding planner, one of the first questions I ask my clients during our first consultation is

"How was the proposal?" This stories leading up to the actual proposal are very interesting as the couples seem to have different versions, and this gives me an insight on their personalities as we move forward to planning their luxury wedding.

As we get into the Proposal Season, I have compiled 5 top tips on planning the PERFECT PROPOSAL. These tips have been tried, tested and will most certainly guarantee a YES by the end of the day or night.


Start planning ahead of time at least 6 months in advance. Ask your partner various questions at different times so that they will not suspect anything. As you get the information, make sure you note it down or you memorise it.


Ask one of their closest friends or family member to be your ally in order to pull this through with perfection. The friend or family will ask those awkward questions such as ring size, metal type, and the most important question DIAMOND size. Remember what you think your partner will like based on her style and personality, might be totally different to the diamond she chooses.


Now you have set the date and you are confident all the stars are aligning for you, time to plan how you are going to propose. This is entirely up to you and you have free reign on how plan the date night. This can be a romantic dinner at the SHARD or a weekend break in Paris.


Nowadays, its ok to pull a camera out and record yourself. So why not hire a photographer to document the moment. This will pull out the wow factor as you propose to the future bride or groom to be. The photographer can be hidden to begin with and as the moment becomes apparent, they will move closer to get the money shot.


After all the planning, its now time to PROPOSE to your loved one. This is the day that you have been waiting for and they have also been waiting for. Remember to enjoy the date and look forward to the next stage.

Image by Gift Habeshaw- Unsplash

I love planning proposals and if you need some creative help on planning the perfect proposal, click the link to get in touch.