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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Image by Charisse Kenion

Wedding dress shopping is one of the exciting days for you, your friends and family. For months now you have been scrolling through designer websites, local and far wide bridal shops as well as Pinterest. You have finally set a weekend date to go dress shopping, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect dress.

1: Select your favourite wedding dress shops

Choose your favourite three wedding dress shops and visit those at first. You are highly likely to find your dress in one of the shops. These shops can either be locally based to you, have been recommended to you by your wedding planner or in a large city close by.

2: Entourage

You will feel like you want to go wedding dress shopping with all your friends and family and that's great because its a special moment. However most of the shops will only allow up to 3 family and friends to experience this great day with you. This is will ensure that you have the most important people around with you as make this decision. Remember your appointment is only an hour and thirty minutes so each minute is precious.

Image by Anna Docking

3: Options

Prior to your appointment, scroll through the internet for wedding dress style options.The best places to search are Pinterest- where you will find an array of different styles, Instagram - filled with lots of inspiration from bridal dress designers and lots more. On arrival for you appointment, be open minded about your wedding dress style as it will probably be different than your first choice.

4: Plan Ahead

As most dresses have to be ordered and imported, plan ahead and go wedding dress shopping at least 6-9 months prior to your wedding. Planning ahead will mean you have more time for alterations without rushing for the perfect wedding dress.

5: Have Fun

This is a special day for, so have fun and enjoy the experience with your friends and family. If possible take pictures of you trying on dresses so you can relive the experience in the wait and lead up to the wedding.

If you need help in finding the perfect wedding shops or would love an extra pair of eyes, we offer a bespoke wedding dress shopping service. Get in touch today.

Image by Charisse Kenion