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5 Reasons Why You Need a Month of Wedding Planner

5 reasons why you need a Month of Wedding Planner, after what seems like months planning your wedding. Nothing can prepare you for the last month of your wedding planning. The last month is when you need all the pep talks from friends and family to complete the journey of a life time. Think about it, finalising with suppliers, final dress fittings and not to mention last minute guest changes can send you to be BRIDEZILLA of the year.

The last month before your wedding, should be spent enjoying days out with friends or sneaking a weekend break with your fiance to relax before the BIG DAY. Instead of spending the last month finalising last minute changes and cancellation, here are the :

5 reasons on why YOU NEED Month of Wedding Management from a wedding planner:

Handover the BIG Wedding File

You have made the right decision by hiring a wedding planner now you can hand over the BIG Wedding File. Your wedding file, is all we need to continue your amazing work in planning your wedding day to the finish line.

Luxury of Time

Time is of the essence, when planning your wedding. Instead of spending all your free time sourcing for suppliers, by hiring an On The Day Coordinator, you gain the luxury of time to enjoy the odd cocktail with friends and family.

Stress Free

There is no need to worry about responding to that email from last week from your wedding caterer. There is no need to stress about confirming your first dance song to your wedding DJ. My commitment as your wedding planner, is to take away all the stress and anxiety from the last month.

Wedding Day Bliss

Your wedding day is your moment to enjoy and hold on forever. Having a Month of Wedding Planner means that your BIG DAY is just that BIG. Imagine getting ready with your bridal team, without a care in the world about the logistics of your day ahead. As your wedding planner, this is the day where I bring your vision to life so you can enjoy your wedding day.

Post Wedding Blues

Dance till dawn, without worrying about your precious gifts or decor items. Having me as your Month of Wedding Planner, means that you do not have to worry about collecting your gifts or items when the doors close.

I hope you found these 5 reasons why you need a Month of Wedding planner very useful. Our Month of Wedding Service is for weddings with a lead up to 4 weeks prior. With this service , I ensure your vision is executed well and you can relax and enjoy your day.

To book this service email us via this link.

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