Nonie’s Ultimate Guide to Choosing your wedding suppliers

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Part 2

Hi loves, it’s a new week time for a new Guide to Your Luxury Wedding! This week we are chatting about one of the main tasks in planning your wedding, CHOOSING YOUR WEDDING SUPPLIERS!!

Suppliers are the main ingredients in your luxury wedding and choosing your suppliers requires a lot of research, patience and a decisive mind. Once you know your style and budget of your wedding, it’s time for you to identify suppliers that align with your vision and can deliver the perfect results.

As a Luxury Wedding planner, I have built relationships with different wedding suppliers that I know and trust will be able to deliver the services required by my clients. During our consultations we will review these suppliers and narrow it down to your preferred choices. Often these are the five steps I recommend you use when choosing suppliers:

Research suppliers local to you and your wedding venue.

Choosing local suppliers reduces time spent travelling to visit the suppliers and also means once selected suppliers costs will have reduced transportation charges to your wedding venue.

Choose at least three suppliers from each category

Choice is the best thing in life and having three options for suppliers allows you the chance to compare the suppliers and their services. There are so many aspects involved in choosing the perfect supplier therefore take your time to narrow it down to the top 3.

Arrange visits with a clear vision of your requirements

Once you have your finalised Pinterest board for your wedding, this will act as a guide to you and your suppliers. Being clear in your vision will also guide you during the visits, reducing confusion, time spent reviewing other options as well as staying within your wedding budget.

Create a spreadsheet for each category and fully complete it with all the information from the visits and compare the services and offers

Based on your visits, Pinterest board and budget you are now in a place to make the final decision and CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED SUPPLIER.

Congratulations, the best part of the wedding planning has been successful. You have chosen your suppliers now it’s time to get those contracts reviewed, signed and sealed.

Review your contracts and ensure that your requirements and the suppliers delivery expectations are fully detailed prior to signing.

Hope you have enjoyed this instalment in our Four Week Guide!!

If you require any assistance, in choosing suppliers contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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